Monday, October 16, 2006

Packaging Part 1

"Arm & Hammer Detergent Bonus Pack"

Packaging of a product can play many roles within marketing even taking center stage in the promotional department. One of the cheaper items in the products you buy is the actual content inside the bottle, box, or bag therefore the giving away of 20% more free is a rather inexpensive way to grab the consumers attention. The consumer looking at the wall of detergent jugs has a multitude of choices and you need a gimmick (or better gimmicks) to grab the shopper attention.

A closer examination of the jug (future link) shows a marvel of marketing. Okay marvel may be a bit too much, but this is kind of interesting none the same.

  1. Look at the cap it serves as a handy measuring and dipensing tool while communicating to the consumer the added feature of containing the color safe bleach formula. Looking at this Wisk container (future link)and note the use of the white cap on the color safe bleach formula or this A&H Detergent with a blue cap for the added feature of fabric softener.

  2. Now notice the use of the Arm & Hammer brand line visuals especally the familar symbol and the color.

  3. The package also claims "Powerfully Clean Naturally Fresh," which begs the question, "Does anyone actually read this?" This could be for the new user but speaking from experince long time users may very well never look at this text.

  4. Finally there is the information about added feature of color safer bleach which confirms the information communicated by the cap.

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