Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Alchemy in the shower

Ammonium lauryl sulfate
Got any around the house?

You can buy a 55 gallon drum from the

Behind water this is one of the major active ingredients in shampoo (as well as other house cleaners). So why does your local store have shelf upon shelf of different varieties? Consumers buy the fantasy of the shampoo with fruit, plant oils, even beer. And you just have to wash your hair. There is whole regiment of chemicals the will make your hair look just like the models on TV. Look at the hair on this women in the Proctor and Gamble coupon the hair looks better than real yet the fantasy is message. You are sold on the idea that your hair can look like this by using ________.

My supervisor when I was first in the food broker business had a saying about selling the sizzle not the steak. His point was to sell to the emotions the senses because the brain if given the chance can see through the show. We are all to some degree vulnerable to giving in and letting our emotions make decisions and it is not necessarily bad but be aware of the marketer.