Sunday, November 12, 2006

Looking Like Yourself

Just like those people close to us the labels on our favorite products don't seem to change. There are radical changes, see Diet Pepsi but the norm is evolution that unless as shown below is only noticible with a side by side comparison. This can went out of date in 1998.

The Jello pudding package was taken from my mother's cupboard about 15 years ago. Even then is was dated, given the lack of a UPC code a mid to late 1970's is a reasonable guess. As for the Swanson broth the cookbook scanned is from the mid-1980's. Notice that natural is the emphais today where clear seemed to be more important before.

The older package (left) is marked 3 for 95 cents.

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One of the basic lessons from management is that people resist change in the workplace. Consumers too don't like change so the marketers best bet is to make any revisions modest.